Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Scholarships Registration Form

Link to New Pre-Registration Form for Scholarships and Grants

Please select one category to describe your student status.

Elementary Student
High School Student
College Student
University Student Adult

Part 1: Please check the Country where you wish to Study:

New Zealand

Part 2: Please check the type of schools that you are registering for:

University Graduate Programs
University Undergraduate Programs
Community College Programs
Private Colleges
Public High School Programs
Private High Schools
Public Elementary Programs
Private Elementary Schools
Private English Language Schools
Private Language Teachers
Internship Programs
Homestay Tutoring

Part 3: Please check the Scholarships or grants that you qualify for:

International student
English studies
Canada Citizen
USA Citizen
England Citizen
Australia Citizen
New Zealand Citizen

Part 4: Please check other items your require:

Student Visa
Work Visa
Education Consulting

Part 5: Please provide student contact and status information:

Full name
Date of Birth (mm,dd,yy)
Full residence address
Full Postal address
Emergency Contact numbers
Email Address
Health Insurance Information
Any medical conditions?
Country of Citizenship
Number of Months to Study
Start Date:(mm,dd,yy)
Finish Date: (mm,dd,yy)

Link to New Pre-Registration Form for Scholarships and Grants

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