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How to learn English as a Second Language

The 3 most Important Factors that determine English Language Learning Success.

The first Factor is knowing yourself as a student.

There are some key questions you should know as they are part of the first factor that determines your English Language Learning Success

How many times Do you have to write and repeat English words to memorize them, put them into your vocabulary and "know" the word in proper context.

How often do you have to repeat lessons to keep your vocabulary intact?

What English can you learn best when studying alone, with a group or with a tutor?

Can you benefit using accelerated English language learning methods such as mnemonics to remember lists.

Does music or games help you to relax making learning easier?

Does realia or field trips stimulate and integrate your English language learning?

You need to know how you study best.

The Second factor is What English do I study.

The best way to know what English to study is to form a goal.

Top Goals for studying English as a second language

Immigrate into an English speaking country
Get hired at a first job
Be hired at a better company
Be promoted in your company
Sell products to English speaking countries
Operate a business completely in English.
Publish articles in English
Study in a North American university.
Study in a North American university graduate program.
Travel independently in English speaking countries.
Perform for English speaking audiences
Enjoy entertainment produced by English speaking artists
Use English instructions for computer applications.
Surf the net in English
Score 950 on the Toeic test or 280 on the new Toefl exam
Study English Literature in the original text

When you have your goal - then you can plan what English you need or work with an educational consultant to set up a comprehensive plan of English language studies for you.

The Third factor is creating the time to properly study enough English to reach your Goal.

An example is the time to score high on the new TOEFL or TOEIC English tests

Students require a vocabulary of between 8,000 and 15,000 words to score high on the new TOEFL, TOEIC, AP, IELTS and Cambridge tests. Students must have studied and practiced English for 2500 to 5000 hours counting school classes and self study. To score high students require all four English skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), technical language structure knowledge (grammar) and the application of the grammar knowledge in the active productions of speaking and writing.

When you have your goal - your plan of English studies and necessary time - you can be successful as a student learning English as a second language.

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