Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free ESL English as a Second Language Skills Assessment

Are you experiencing problems because of your English?

Are you experiencing problems because of your low level English language skills?

Do you find it difficult to speak English with your coworkers or your employer?

Do you translate in your mind from English into your native language and back?

Do you feel that others do not understand you?

Do people always ask you to repeat words or sentences?

Do you always ask your coworkers or boss to repeat words or sentences?

Do you say "yes" to everything even if you do not understand?

Are you afraid to answer the telephone or make a phone call?

Have you lost your confidence in your speaking or writing?

Do you wish to understand others better and be understood when you speak?

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How English Language Communication Skills can be Improved:

The best method of learning English communication skills in a confidential and efficient format to suit today's busy students or employees is with a skilled and experienced private ESL English teacher. Speaking can be improved with: correct pronunciation; accent reduction; correct tone, rhythm and intonation; expressions and everyday phrases, flexible vocabulary, and confidence. Writing can be improved with format practice, practicing sentence building and paragraphs, adding vocabulary and writing style. Reading and listening skills can be improved with vocabulary and comprehension strategies.

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