Friday, August 3, 2012

Internship Preparation Program

The internship preparation program is open to new Canadians, LINC graduates, international work/study visa students, students preparing for business school, students preparing for career training, graduates preparing for work in English speaking workplaces, job seekers who need to improve their business English, job candidates who need Canadian work experience or Canadian work references.

The internship preparation program meets all of the current CIC immigration rules and regulations and provides a safe and highly qualified Canadian work experience for all internship participants.

The internship skills preparation program is a 15 hour per week part-time program.

Registration fee: $ 100.
Program Tuition is $ 600. per month.
Internship working functions and responsibilities include:

Research - internet, library, phone, in-person interviews

Analysis - organize, calculate, summarize, information

Reports - prepare and present data in written, multi-media formats

Presentations - prepare and present oral reports to supervisors and managers

Services - administration, advertising, public relations, consulting

2011-12 Internship Work Projects:
Internet commerce: research and write business plan for internet marketing program

ESL in Canada Diplomas:

Diplomas for beginner, intermediate and advanced English skills
Diplomas for beginner, intermediate and advanced business skills
Company letters of recommendation issued for successful work experience.

Education agents, consultants and students email eslincanada (at)  gmail  (dot) com  for additional information.

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